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People look for inspiration around them without realizing that all they need to do is trace back to their roots.
Since all creative disciplines work in harmony to create an impact in this festival, we bring you Design, Art, Photography, Film-Making, Music and Literature events to help you light a spark

Interactive Sessions

What if you get a chance to clear all your queries about your self-doubt owing to creative impotence.With ROOTS we bring to you these one-on-one sessions with these creative artists, which you surely wouldn't want to miss.

9 Speakers

9 artists from the field of arts, photography, design, filmmaking & music come together to enlighten you up in finding your own voice and help you connect with your roots, to find your taste in whichever creative field your inclination is.


What happens when a piece of art or a symphony, forces you to revisit? It creates an unbreakable, unexplainable bond. Prepare for your perceptions to be altered and impacted by a showcase of creative output as you have never seen before.


Celebrities of their respective creative fields.

  • Shama Rasal

    Design Mentor

  • Harsha Kakkeri

    CEO & Co-founder, Designboat

  • Gomtesh Upadhye


  • Aditya Galhotra

    Industrial Designer, Lava Intl.

  • Pravin Tamang

    Travel Photographer

  • Monis Ahmed Khan

    Youtuber & Stand Up Comedian

  • Ashish Astreck

    Video Jockey & Music Producer

  • Madhura Banerjee

    Writer & Poet

  • Debashish Behera

    Automotive Designer, Renault


Detailed Schedule of different sessions. Click on the event to know more.

Ashish Astreck

Art of VJing

Come learn the art of VJing and music production in this interactive session by acclaimed VJ Astreck

2 hours

To Be Notified


About Ashish Astreck

A Disco Jockey and Music producer fancying Bollywood music as equally as the international EDMs, Ashish a.k.a Astreck is the face of upcoming world of Indian DJing

Madhura Banerjee

Trekking our way through the landscape of poetry

a well-rounded discussion on poetry and its emerging forms, and how we can contribute to the landscape of the written and spoken word.

2 hours

To Be Notified


About Madhura Banerjee

Madhura Banerjee is a young writer hailing from Calcutta and Kolkata,both. She has the soul of a poetic antiquarian residing in the chic urbanness of Modern Kolkata. She has authored the book ‘A tenant of the World’ which has received high ratings and rave critic reviews from popular websites like goodreads.

Debashish Behera

Transportation design career

A peek inside the high demand world of Transportation Industry and Automobile design.

2 hours

To Be Notified


About Debashish Behera

An alumnus of the Industrial Design Department of NIT Rourkela, he is one of those few students of the alma mater who made a name in the design industry. He worked with the Renault Design Academy on automotive styling and surfacing after graduation

Shama Rasal

To D or not to D

Pursuing a creative career in UX design

2 hours

To Be Notified


About Shama Rasal

A working mother, design leader, traveller and aspiring digital nomad! She has worked as Lead UX Designer in Microsoft, Adobe, Nokia, and Tally Solutions

Harsha Kakkeri

UI/UX Design Journey

Detail about the design ideation and process related with UI and UX design

2 hours

To Be Notified


About Harsha Kakkeri

The founder of Design Boat studios is a living example of the adage – Education is what you learn beyond the four walls of a classroom. Infact, Harsha never chose to confine himself in any classroom – either physically, or mentally

Pravin Tamang

The Art of Travel and Documentary Photography

Learn about capturing reality and moments with Pravin: Internationally acclaimed photographer.

2 hours

To Be Notified


About Pravin Tamang

Dubbed as India’s best Instagrammer by the Intrepid Travel blog , the Delhi local from Nepal has over 1K followers on Instagram. His candid street shots and travel photographs have become a sensation for the true essence of India that they reflect

Aditya Galotra

Industrial Design in Practice

How to use Industrial Design in Real Practical World

2 hours

To Be Notified


About Aditya Galotra

A lead member of the team responsible for the design of those alluring Lava phones, Aditya Galotra is an Industrial Designer from IITDM Jabalpur.

Monis Ahmad Khan

Talk Tale Show - Passion and Profession

How one can carry their passion along with their profession in the form of poetry and acting skills.

2 hours

To Be Notified


About Monis Ahmad Khan

With a signature beard and chiselled features , the number of talents Mohsin Ahmad Khan is gifted with surpasses an average grocery list. He is a poet, actor, public speaker,YouTuber, stand –up comedian,writer and finally ,an Architect as well.

Gomtesh Upadhye

How to generate storytelling ideas

Talk about the most important but recently ignored aspect of film making: generating storis and the art of storytelling

2 hours

To Be Notified


About Gomtesh Upadhye

It is common practice to listen to music, but with skills of Gomtesh Upadhye, he can make you watch music. Director of Neeye, and Cinematographer of Acclaimed films like U-Turn, Gomtesh turns Cinematography into a superior art form.

Coffeetable Book
of Roots 2017

A short account of Roots 2017, with details about various speakers, their experiences with Roots, and photos from the event.

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