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What is Roots

People look for inspiration around them without realizing that all they need to do is trace back to their roots. Since all creative disciplines work in harmony to create an impact in this festival, we bring you Design, Art, Photography, Film-Making, Music and Literature events to help you light a spark.
Whether you’re a beginner with half-baked ideas or simply an enthusiast who’s eager to learn, these workshops will provide you an opportunity to expose yourselves to the subtle nuances and realistic difficulties of a creative discipline of your choice.
Prepare for your perceptions to be altered and impacted by a showcase of creative output as you have never seen before. Come one, come all – for inspiration or leisure, we promise not to disappoint you.
Guest Lectures
Hear about extra-ordinary journeys of people who followed their passion, the hard realities of walking the path less traveled by and everything else you need to become the next trend-setter.
Interactive Sessions
If you’ve got your mind set on an alternative career option, or if you have what it takes to turn a hobby into your livelihood, you certainly wouldn’t miss this one-on-one interaction with those who’ve done it before you. Whether you need guidance, motivation or simply some questions answered – we’ll be happy to help.
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